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Dance Classes

Registration for our Spring 2024 Recreational Dance season will open on November 1st, 2023!

We are welcoming new 1st-5th grade students to start classes on January 3rd, 2024 ~ please visit the registration portal below to enroll your dancer!

Jazz & Tap Combo Classes

Combination classes provide dancers with an introduction to both jazz and tap dance styles. Dancers will learn both dance styles through the lens of rhythm, technique, and performance. Combination classes progress by grade sections for all dancers in 1st-5th grade.


Hip-hop classes emphasize groove-based movement, rhythm, footwork, and various steps and elements pulled from urban and street dance forms. This class is a dancer favorite, and is great for all new and experienced dancers to let go and have fun with movement!

Recreational hip-hop classes progress by grade section for 1st-5th graders. Dancers in 6th grade or older have the option to audition for our competitive hip-hop groups.

Jazz Technique

Jazz technique classes build off of the foundational steps and elements learned in combination classes. Dancers learn more advanced jazz steps and skills, including leaps, jumps, turns, footwork, and transition progressions. All technique classes focus on body placement, body awareness, and performance. Dancers in 6th grade or above may enroll in jazz technique.

Contemporary Technique

In contemporary technique classes, dancers will learn how to use, alter, and break down their technical training to create unique movements and patterns. Contemporary dance pulls from a variety dance genres, such as jazz, ballet, modern, and street dance. Our contemporary dance training emphasizes mind-body connection, partnering with other dancers, musical interpretation, and choreography. Dancers in 6th grade or above may enroll in contemporary technique.

Tap Technique

Tap technique class builds on the tap dance foundations learned in combination classes. Dancers will gain a deeper understanding and experience in rhythm, footwork, syncopation, and technical elements. Dancers in 6th grade or above may enroll in tap technique.

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