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At Treehouse Dance Project we offer training in jazz, tap, ballet contemporary, and hip-hop. Our dance training helps dancers build resilience, strength, and a well-rounded technical foundation, and discover their creative potential. We prioritize athlete well-being and longevity by teaching practical recovery practices and the importance of physical and mental sustainability in dance and in life.

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Our unique dance experience values dancers' growth as  athletes, artists, teammates, and human beings. 

It is our priority to cultivate safe and inclusive classroom environments where students can learn, share their passion with other dancers, and work hard to improve their skills. We celebrate individuality and encourage dancers to celebrate each other through successes, failures, changes, and growth. Our goal is to provide a space where students feel excited to explore their own movement, athleticism, and creativity. We believe dance lessons translate far beyond the studio. Our mission is to continually deepen our understanding of the art form and each other through the self-discovery, self-expression, and communication that dance offers us.

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